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Re: Documentation every Database Shop should have

From: Stephen Booth <>
Date: Fri, 3 Nov 2006 08:14:29 +0000
Message-ID: <>

On 02/11/06, David Turner <> wrote:
> I'm trying to compile a list of documentation every database shop should have. Does anyone have any links or suggestions that would help me compile a list of the docs that most shops would need? Here's what I have so far.

Password database, backed up by procedures to ensure that it's updated as soon as a password is changed.

Standard build documentation coupled with documentation of each build showing where it differs from the standard (use a template generated from the standard and just note the differences) and changes over time (e.g. if a datafile is moved note that (including the new location) and reference the change management system). This information should also be in your CMDB (Configuration Management DataBase) but you need to have at least the basics available on paper for when your CMDB is down for maintenence/backup/whatever

Some sort of journal of recent work so if a problem arises you can see at a glance if there have been any changes in the last few days. Just needs to be one line (e.g. "Moved temp tablespace files on ORCL to /oracle/oradata2/orcl") and reference the change management and helpdesk systems. Where I work we have a daily log that is emailed to everyone in server support at 8am giving an overview of all incidents and work done over the past 24 hours.

Full set of Oracle manuals on CD/DVD, ideally one for each DBA or at least one for each location (including the datacentres) where work may need to be done, incase OTN is down or your internet connection has been cut off because the finance department 'forgot' to pay the bill this month.


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