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RE: How much does it cost to run Enterprise Oracle on Linux?

From: laura pena <>
Date: Mon, 30 Oct 2006 09:20:44 -0800 (PST)
Message-ID: <>

It does say tables greater than 2gb should always be considered.

This table is is select, inserted and updated too very often.

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"Allen, Brandon" <> wrote: I've got 11GB tables that aren't partitioned and I have no problems. Where did you see the 2GB recommendation? I thought I saw a recommendation for 4GB before (in the S.A.M.E document maybe?), but I don't remember seeing 2GB. I would suggest that it doesn't matter so much how big the table is as how it is used. If you perform queries that could benefit from partition scans vs. full table scans, or if you need the ability to add and drop large amounts of data, e.g. quarterly sales data in a warehouse or something like that - those are where I would look at partitioning. Parallelism works just fine on a regular table - no need for partitioning to support parallelism. Oracle will logically partition it among the parallel processes automatically.        

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Our largest table holds 11 millions rows. If we expect to grow that is great, but Oracle reccomends to start partition a table when the table reaches 2g or more in size.

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