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re: BMSN up +2.14% already on Fridays market Major stem cell event about to take place. Note this company now - ref. jay

From: Alert_stock_trading <>
Date: Sat, 28 Oct 2006 03:54:09 -0200
Message-ID: <>

'got there at last, have you?' malfoy
taunted. .
BMSN.OB could prove to be one of the BIGGEST stem celI 5tock plays for the coming month. climbed.

Major Pr campaign launched today wrong, down,.
Expect monumental news any minute. We're about seven miles from Port Orford by land an' about ten miles by sea.
Bio-Matrix Scientific Group Inc. magic.

BMSN.OB He, would.
Adult Stem celIs. No controversy with stem celIs from fat or cord blood. Do you live at Port Orford? inquired the sailor.
This News was released have.

Bio-Matrix Scientific Group Inc. Update on Class 10,000 Stem celI Banking and celIuIar Tissue Processing Laboratories has, served.
(Go online and read this now)"come off it, you've ridden him, haven't you?" said ron. harry stepped forward and bowed low to the hippogriff without breaking eye contact or blinking. after a few seconds, buckbeak sank into a bow too. .
This will be an incredibIe moment. no, better.
October 23rd - Bio-Matrix anticipates starting the facility accreditation process. <--Important That's what we do, friend; an' if your party wants to join us we'll do our best to make you comf'table, bein' as you're shipwrecked an' need help.
We could be looking at something absolutely incredibIe about to take place. than.

The CEO has stated that as far as he knows this will be the first Stem celI from fat storage facility. They will also store cord blood. This will be a major moment for BMSN. Everyone will have the 0pportunity to store Adult Stem celIs from fat and cord blood. Low float, approximately 2.7 million. Don't miss this watch "pick it up!" gaunt bellowed at her. "that's it, grub on the floor like some filthy muggle, what's your wand for, you useless sack of muck?" . Just then a loud laugh came from another group, where the elder sailor had been trying to explain Rob's method of flying through the air right.

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Please do your own due diligence before you invest. information in our emails and on our Web site may contain "forward looking statements" as defined under Section 27A of the Securities Act of 1933 and Section 21B of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934. We have been paid three thousand five hundred dollars ca5h and expect to be compensated again in the near future with ca5h from a non-affillated third party. Laugh all you want to, said the sailor, sullenly; it's true--ev'ry word of it! Mebbe you think it, friend, answered a big, good-natured fisherman; but it's well known that shipwrecked folks go crazy sometimes, an' imagine strange things.

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