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Re: 10G Grid Control and db control stability

From: William B Ferguson <>
Date: Tue, 24 Oct 2006 07:38:44 -0600
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Hate to say it, but I'm not having any of those problems. I'm running Grid Control release 2, on Windows.
The only problem I'm having is getting a local Grid Control to work with just 3 machines, vs the 10 or so the Enterprise Grid Control monitors. I had it working once, but then I moved it to a different machine once release 2 came out, and now I can't get all the parts to work together again.


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Subject: 10G Grid Control and db control stability



I am attempting to run 10g Grid (Release 1 ? I know ? bad idea) or dbcontrol on AIX 5.2.

With Grid control, every morning when I came in, the server was hung.  I stopped the Grid Control processes and that problem went away.  I eventually deinstalled it and was waiting for our syadmins to clear up the 1.5 Gig of /tmp space needed to install version 10.2.


In the meantime, last night, I st arted dbcontrol for the two 10.2 databases that I have installed on the machine.  This morning, the machine is down again.  From what I understand right now, it looks the /tmp space was filled and screwed.  The sysadmins are attempting to get the machine up right now.


Has anyone else had these experiences?  Do I need to wait for freekin release 4 before this stuff is stable enough to run?


Thanks for listening.



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