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RE: ** SPAM scored: Low **RE: Re-setting V$tables

From: Polarski, Bernard <>
Date: Wed, 11 Oct 2006 15:23:23 +0200
Message-ID: <25D4919915CCF742A88EE3366D6D913D0D568723@mailserver1>

Dear Tanel, when I read you, it sound like you are faithful employee, in place since 10 years and you have successfully enforced an enlighten tyranny way of life.
God bless your boss.  

Alas, the rest of the world live more or less under the reign of Chaos, and contractors, are called anywhere to diagnose systems that are not decent
and it is out of question for them to have 'Demands' or recommend firing local people, specially when those people are the not decent people who hired you.
Unless the DB is totally unusable, you have to present your genius DBA neck to the axes of the local paper maker. They rule locally whatever it worth but they also pay you.
Last, decent well planned system usually do not need to import diagnose services, so what for the rest, those who have nothing, which is think is in fact the majority? you maybe have notice that I am quite keen on the license cost, for I can't tell customer, you need to start install software. It cost time and money, while time is hot, since I am here to provide answer, and money need only to fall in my contractor pockets, not in soft vendors.  

If you provide a method to do it free, fast and efficient, without creating objects or buying soft, say not requesting administration resources, then you and your customer are in a win/win situation. Win for the time, win for the money.  

Beside that, I paid a look to your link and it is only a third of what you need to proper report if you want to use OWI. No figures on sql and no sql text neither.
You cannot say between x and y for this hash, that amount of exec, disk reads, block gets bla bla. you cannot even give the sql text.    


From: Tanel Poder [] Sent: Wednesday, 11 October, 2006 2:43 PM To: Polarski, Bernard; Subject: RE: ** SPAM scored: Low **RE: Re-setting V$tables

I decent production environments you install any standard problem diagnosis tools before the server goes live.  

If you start thinking about troubleshooting techniques after the database has been in production for a year and you hit problems, then I guess whoever is responsible for the database support strategy should be fired, especially at these SOX days.  

Btw, in (well) planned production environments, there tend to be very little 'ultra fast emergency' and firefighting going on...  


[] On Behalf Of Polarski, Bernard

	Sent: Wednesday, October 11, 2006 20:10
	Subject: RE: ** SPAM scored: Low **RE: Re-setting V$tables
	Nah, this creates objects in DB namely a DB link and a package,
you fresh meat.          

        Lot of customer, these SOx days, will shoot you with a riot gun if you do this, it is not usable on production DB.          

        I know site were it takes 3 weeks for an 'ultra fast emergency' administration allowance procedure

        for such a big deal that creating a GTT. Can't image if I ask for a procedure or worse a DBlink.          

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