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Re: Increasing certifications on oracle database, could increase reliability on dbas

From: Juan Carlos Reyes Pacheco <>
Date: Tue, 10 Oct 2006 08:11:57 -0400
Message-ID: <>

Thanks, but sorry I don't agree fully with you.

Because there is some knowledge necessary to do specifict tasks, for example to be a dba of a standard edition is different than dba of a enterprise edition, and is not the same a dba who needs a lot of plsql than one that needs a lot of knowledge of administrative tasks. I'm not telling the knowledge is
useless, but they need that knowledge now, and a certification helps to him and to their recruiters to get that knowledge and certify it, now, not in a long process of learning.
So the investigations, conferences (there are no expert conferences in Bolivia), etc. etc. are extremely important, but that takes times, some times years,
to gather all concepts.

I really had tried to get the ocm, I really tried to go to Oracle University, but is still far and is too expensive for me, maybe other can afford for it, but I can't.
Meanwhile when a certification appears, there will appear books on amazon (less than 100U$) who will help to get that certification, having all that I need.
The page 11 is excellent, but this conditions to the fact you can get and pay the class and specialized conferences (like Jhonathan Lewis) which are very important and you don't find all that information on forums or on internet, even more you don't have specialized conferences all the time. I think all the informatoin is there in internet in one or in other way, but there is the need of some guidance to filter the information you really need, the one which is useful, and the one which is'nt too much useful for a specific task.

And even if you cant afford for conferences, oracle university, etc. You need time.
If you have to start some kind of projet now, and you are hired now to do something now, you need a way to say my dbas know what they need to know, or I am sure I'm not missing something important to execute this task. I could lose one month training people, but I can't say, go out there and investigate all that you think will be useful for that task and we hope we will gather all the knowledge you really know, and don't lose time in knowledge you don't need.

If you want to grow as dba, this is moving to a job whre you have more responsability, you need some kind of certification to show other recruiters you really have that knowlege and they can risk hiring you, because several recruiters know by experiences an ocp certification is not enough to do complex tasks, and difficults the fact of offering a better job wihtout having a probe you really can do correctly that work.


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