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Re: inline views & unions & other schemas; ora bug?

From: Jonathan Lewis <>
Date: Fri, 6 Oct 2006 07:19:59 +0100
Message-ID: <025901c6e90f$73a37030$0200a8c0@Primary>

If you can associate the problem with particular views in certain cases, then you may be able to bypass the problem by referencing that view with a no_merge hint. This is likely to make the query run more slowly - but slow may be better than crashing.

select /*+ no_merge(viewx) */ ..

... , viewx, ....

where ...

You may even find that a global view will work in this context (though I haven't tried it) , e.g.

    viewQ includes viewA

select /*+ no_merge( viewQ.viewA) */ .. from

... , viewQ, ....

where ...


Jonathan Lewis

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hello all, I'm getting an ORA-03001 --"unimplemented feature" when I'm trying to select off a view based on other views (in turn based on other views... multiple levels, etc) containing UNIONS and INLINE VIEWS, in some pretty big ORA Apps modules.

  I am **only** getting this error when querying from a different schema, and even then, it happens intermittently, on some instances, on some particular selects in a long UNION set.

  I do not get the error when trying to select **from within** the owner's schema.
  I've tried to reduce the problem to the simplest tables/queries but still cannot put my finger on the issue other than the fact that..the problem seems to go away if I do not use UNION to pull in more sets data.... however this is needed... I traced this to a Metalink article:

  Subject: Ora-3001: "Unimplemented Feature" On Query Using "WITH" and FGAC   Doc ID: Note:361345.1 Type: PROBLEM
  Last Revision Date: 15-MAR-2006 Status: MODERATED

  Has anyone seen anything like this before, can this typically be circumvented?
  (I have query_rewrite_enabled=true, etc)

  my initial thought would be to create/populate some adhoc global temporary tables, do this preloading of a pretty huge ora apps summary beforehand.... or...fix this somehow (the part I'm interested).... or basically to turn (simplistically speaking) a query such as   line1, 1,2,3,4,5,6 from dual (a horizontal layout) into a vertical one   line1

  in effect eliminating the current UNIONS which are causing me this current headache?

  thx much,

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