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RE: Heads Up on Grid Control 10.2

From: Mercadante, Thomas F \(LABOR\) <>
Date: Fri, 29 Sep 2006 15:27:24 -0400
Message-ID: <ABB9D76E187C5146AB5683F5A07336FFE086D9@EXCNYSM0A1AJ.nysemail.nyenet>


In my case, this is still a test version of GC. It is not going to remain on this server (we haven't determined which server to put it on).

My existing GC install has many things that do not work. I was "hoping" that a new release would solve some of my problems. But I'm beginning to think otherwise.


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[] On Behalf Of Kevin Closson Sent: Friday, September 29, 2006 2:59 PM To: ORACLE-L
Subject: RE: Heads Up on Grid Control 10.2  

                As for patching.

                I'm trying to patch r1 to r2. What a mess. Didn't work. And Metalink doesn't respond.

                I'm hoping to get a release 2 CD and start all over again.

...this list is HOT with great topics today and it is making it difficult for me to keep staring at this kernel profile data looking for this stupid needle in the haystack. I'll tell you oakies about it in November if I don't bore you to death before then. Anyway, it's Friday and I'll catch up, like I always do, on Sat and Sun :-).

Back on thread. This post makes me ask, is it common out there to apply patchsets (not a "patch" from r1 to r2 as in th OP) to functional Oracle Homes? I should think a safer approach would be to install a new R1 home, apply R2 to it and if you are happy, switch over to it by dragging your TNS stuff over. Or is my views of the common Oracle Home as too simplistic? That is how I approach it here anyway. That is, until we finish implementing our filesystem snapshots in which case the patchset application process can be as junky as anyone could imagine and I wouldn't care. Just revert to a snapshot and make it writeable... not worries.

Thoughts ?

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