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RE: Heads Up on Grid Control 10.2

From: Allen, Brandon <>
Date: Fri, 29 Sep 2006 11:33:41 -0700
Message-ID: <04DDF147ED3A0D42B48A48A18D574C45059E2049@NT15.oneneck.corp>

Thanks for the info Jared. I had been wondering about the GC licensing and wasn't aware that it was included with the database license - I thought it had to be purchased separately. Regarding the management packs - on my recent (and first) 10g implementation, I opted for the Diagnostics Pack only - no Tuning Pack, even though the sales guy and his DBA buddy acted like I was crazy for wanting one w/o the other because "everybody buys them together". Personally, I saw a lot more value in the Diag pack than the Tuning pack because most of the SQL issues I encounter seem to be too complex for the Tuning wizard, and we don't do a lot of development - mostly just COTS apps.  

I haven't used GC yet - only the DB console, and I was a little put off by the new inteface at first, but it is pretty nice and powerful once you find your way around. My biggest gripe now is the stability - I have to restart the dbconsole server processes about once per week. I'd imagine the GC interface is almost exactly the same as the DB console, right? Do people typically have the same stability issues with GC?

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	The GC workshop was fairly successful.
	I actually liked GC, which is quite different from my
experiences with OEM.         

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