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Re: Important note about asynchronous commit

From: Ghassan Salem <>
Date: Wed, 27 Sep 2006 11:05:16 +0200
Message-ID: <>

There may be cases where you can forgo a transaction if the system fails ( i.e. never replay it, and loose it).
An example is a system recording calls done by phone users: if you fail to commit that a given user did a call, you do not loose much and you can afford it (if the gains are substantial, in terms of performance). When you compute the risk of a crash (for a well constructed system), the loss that you may incur over a year is really very low.


On 9/26/06, Juan Carlos Reyes Pacheco <> wrote:
> Important quote
> Reviewer: Jonathan Lewis from UK
> <quote>
> they basically mean "when you commit and you return from commit, the
> commit may
> or may NOT have happened yet, if the system fails after you return from
> commit
> but before the commit actually happens - you have to be prepared to REPLAY
> that
> transaction if necessary - something you can do in a batch load easily,
> but not
> so in a transactional system
> <end quote>
> I would phrase that somewhat differently - the commit has definitely
> happened,
> in that your changes are published and visible to all other sessions as
> from
> that SCN. However, as you say, the changes are not protected - if the
> system
> crashes, then your transaction may not be recoverable because it has not
> got
> into the log file. The D of ACID is no longer enforced.
> Admittedly, when I talk about nologging operations I tend to make the
> rather
> melodramatic statement "if it's not in the log file it never happened" but
> then
> explain that as it's as far as the standby or recovery are concerned it
> never
> happened. For async commits, it happened, but there's a window (of up to
> about
> 3 seconds) where it won't guaranteeably recover or get to the standby.
> We should also bear in mind that this makes official and choosable a
> phenomenon
> that has been happening inside pl/sql calls for years - commits publish
> data,
> but the transactions are not guaranteed to be synched to the log file
> until the
> pl/sql call ends and returns control to the called
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