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Re: autoextend

From: <>
Date: Mon, 25 Sep 2006 10:13:14 -0500
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Regarding your point #2 (MAXSIZE). We are debating setting it to unlimited. The argument for not setting it to unlimited is that we currently have the MAXSIZE set to about 3 times the current size of the file. And we only need to expand this file once in the last several years. And I think there is a general sence of not giving Oracle too much access.

I am however leaning towards setting it to unlimited precisely to avoid that "gotcha". This is a very high profile application and we can't afford to have it running out of space. Plus we will have OEM monitoring set up to notify us when the tablespace is close to being filled and therefore we should know when it is going to be expanded.
with the monitoring turned on, I can't see a scenario when unlimited maxsize will cause problems. Is there anything that I 'm missing here?

thank you

Gene Gurevich
Oracle Engineering

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Nope, it will only extend when it needs. Look at RESIZE to immediately change the size.

Also be sure to mention your platform and Oracle version.

But more importantly, consider two issues: 1. How will the monitoring be done at the server level? For example if that is the responsibility of your system administrators, then you need to talk to them first.
2. Be cautious with the MAXSIZE limit. This can become a hidden "gotcha". You think since autoextend is turned on your users won't run out of space. Then months from now you get a call in the middle of the night and after digging around you discover the MAXSIZE was hit.

Dennis Williams

On 9/21/06, <> wrote:   Hi everybody:

  I am looking into turning autoextend on on a few of my prod tablespaces   and
  I want to make sure that
  i understand it all correctly. I am issuing the command

  alter database datafile FILENAME autoextend on increment XXXM maxsize   XXXM;   This will force Oracle to increase the size of the FILENAME by XXXM   (assuming that
  this space is available in the filesystem) whenever the tablespace runs   out
  of space.
  It will not however affect the way the space is allocated for the object   within my
  tablespace. Am I correct here?

  thank you

  Gene Gurevich


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