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Re: Installing 64bit on RHEL 4 x86_64

From: Stuart Lindenmayer <>
Date: Sun, 10 Sep 2006 21:47:59 +1000
Message-ID: <>

Hi Jack,
Have a read of Werner Puschitz's site: I've found it invaluable in the past installing Oracle on RHEL 3 x86 as it nicely sums up all the little bugs and glitches - far better than combing through online doco and Metalink!



On 9/8/06, <> wrote:
> Summary:
> How do I install 64bit on RHEL 4 x86_64?
> I've done it successfully a bunch on RHEL 3 x86_64.
> Details:
> We have new IBM Blade Servers with the 64bit Opteron CPUs. Our server
> guys have installed RHEL 4 x86_64 with the 32bit libs included in that
> installation.
> I'm trying to install 64bit, then patch to before creating
> new databases. The install fails with the linking of ExtProc32.
> What am I missing? Also, is there a 9i R2 doc for RHEL 4 x86_64? I can't
> find it, though the one for RHEL 3 x86_64 is there.
> Previously, we had installed these two Oracle rpms mentioned in the RHEL 4
> x86 install docs:
> compat-oracle-rhel4-1.0-5.i386.rpm
> compat-libcwait-2.1-1.i386.rpm
> The install was successful, as well as the patch to
> However, we got the error below doing just about any OS command, like ls,
> also, it appeared hundreds of times in the make.log.
> object '/usr/lib/' from /etc/ cannot be
> preloaded: ignored.
> So we removed the two rpms listed above, since we found various references
> that they were only appropriate for the x86 install, not the x86_64 install.
> I tried the install again, to see if it would work, but it failed
> at the ExtProc32 link, as I mentioned above.
> The docs say that is certified with RHEL 4 x86_64, but must be
> installed in an existing Oracle_Home. How the heck to I get that
> Oracle_Home under RHEL 4 x86_64? Do we need to re-install the
> rpms listed above, install, remove the rpms and re-install the
> 32bit libs, then patch to
> Any help would be greatly appreciated.
> TIA.
> Jack C. Applewhite - Database Administrator
> Austin (Texas) Independent School District
> 512.414.9715 (wk) / 512.935.5929 (pager)
> I feel so unnecessary. -- Rufus Thomas
> ( "Do the Funky Chicken")

Received on Sun Sep 10 2006 - 06:47:59 CDT

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