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mv versus advanced replication

From: Leng Kaing <>
Date: Thu, 7 Sep 2006 15:37:23 +1000
Message-ID: <>

Logical standby is available from 9i onwards. I would either go with MV or Logical standby if I could. Advanced Replication is a night mare to administer and is to be avoided unless you want 2 ways replication, which is indeed very complicated in the first place.    

Re: ** mv versus advanced replication

Thanks Mark and Jared.    

  I should have specified that we are not on 10G so logical standby is not
really an option. So I am looking at MV or advanced replication. Thanks  

     I have a 250 GB database and need to replicate it with almost all the
tables. I am thinking of doing MV replication. Other option is advanced replication. What are pros and cons of using MV as opposed to advanced replication. I think some of the maintenance to be done is less in case of MVs
and it is simpler to understand and setup. Any advantages for advanced replication? What about data integrity on target. I think advanced replication
checks before applying changes so any loss of transaction is detected. Is there
any check in case of MV? Any tools to check the data on target? I think the
performance impact degradation on source for both is almost same.   Thanks for your help.  

Mark Strickland <strickland.mark_at_xxxxxxxxx> wrote:   Then exponential it is. Most definitely not scalable. Bottom line: the amount of time required to complete each row-level DML statement gets longer as time goes on. My previous, quite-lengthy thread goes into the gory details. Won't add to that thread until I get final resolution from Oracle Support.  






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