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From: Leng Kaing <>
Date: Mon, 4 Sep 2006 18:39:59 +1000
Message-ID: <>

Hi Guys,  

We've got basic Advanced Replication (yes, basic Advanced!!) implemented on one of our databases. The set up is a single group, with 200+ tables in it. (Hey, I took over this system after the guy who initially set it up left so I had no say in this matter!) We have materialized view logs capturing the changes. The slave is on a client site for which I am not responsible but I think they'll still need our help of the upgrade causes any issues at their end.  

So can you please share any experiences with upgrading Adv. Rep. from to Is it just as simple as ensuring that the MLOG$ tables are empty (after a refresh) and the following the normal upgrade notes for I've upgraded databases without Adv. Rep. before but have not done it on databases running Adv. Rep. let alone materialised views. Any gotchas or bugs I need to be aware of? What about the slave? Can it remain on its Oracle version? No, I don't know what version they are running over there.  

TIA,   Leng.      

Leng Kaing

Senior Oracle DBA

Hansen Technologies; 2 Frederick St; Doncaster 3108

Ph: +61-3-9840-3832  


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