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Re: 8i 32-bit to 10gr2 64-bit upgrade

From: Wolfgang Breitling <>
Date: Mon, 28 Aug 2006 22:43:23 -0600
Message-Id: <>


no need to ask your local sales rep. Look at

OracleŽ Database Licensing Information
10g Release 2 (10.2)
Part Number B14199-05

Oracle Diagnostic Pack

The Oracle Diagnostic Pack provides automatic performance diagnostic and advanced system monitoring functionality. The Diagnostic Pack includes the following features:

Automatic Workload Repository

Automatic Database Diagnostic Monitor (ADDM)

Performance monitoring (database and host)

Event notifications: notification methods, rules, and schedules

Event history and metric history (database and host)


Dynamic metric baselines

Monitoring templates

Memory-access based performance monitoring

In order to use the features listed above, you must purchase licenses for the Diagnostic Pack. The Diagnostics Pack functionality can be accessed by Enterprise Manager links as well as through the database server command-line APIs. The use of either interface requires a Diagnostic Pack license.

Enterprise Manager

To determine which links in Enterprise Manager Grid Control and Database Control are part of the Diagnostics Packs, click the Setup link on the top right-hand part of the Enterprise Manager Home page.

When you click the Setup link, the navigation bar contains the Management Pack Access link. Click this link.

This will take you to the Management Pack Access page, which allows you to grant and remove access from all the management packs.

For Enterprise Manager Database Control, click the Remove Access radio button for the Diagnostic Pack and click Apply.

For Enterprise Manager Grid Control, click the appropriate check box for the Diagnostic Pack and click Apply.

This will disable all the links and tabs associated with the Diagnostics Pack in Enterprise Manager. All the disabled links and tabs are part of the Diagnostics Pack and therefore require pack license.

Command-Line APIs

Diagnostics Pack features can also be accessed by way of database server APIs and command-line interfaces:

The DBMS_WORKLOAD_REPOSITORY package is part of this pack.

The DBMS_ADVISOR package is part of this pack if you specify ADDM as the value of the advisor_name parameter, or if you specify for the value of the task_name parameter any value starting with the ADDM prefix.

The V$ACTIVE_SESSION_HISTORY dynamic performance view is part of this pack.

All data dictionary views beginning with the prefix DBA_HIST_ are part of this pack, along with their underlying tables.

All data dictionary views with the prefix DBA_ADVISOR_ are part of this pack if queries to these views return rows with the value ADDM in the ADVISOR_NAME column or a value of ADDM* in the TASK_NAME column or the corresponding TASK_ID.

The following reports found in the /rdbms/admin/ directory of the Oracle home directory are part of this pack: awrrpt.sql, awrrpti.sql,
addmrtp.sql, addmrpti.sql, awrrpt.sql,
awrrpti.sql, addmrpt.sql, addmrpti.sql, ashrpt.sql, ashrpti.sql, awrddrpt.sql,
awrddrpi.sql, awrsqrpi.sql, awrsqrpt.sql.


At 08:50 PM 8/28/2006, Mark Brinsmead wrote:
> Are you sure about that? Yes, I know that
> the Diagnostic (etc.) modules for OEM that make
> use of AWR are extra cost options. But is AWR
> itself a separately licenseable product? I
> poked around Oracle's website, and -- gee
> imagine this -- found nothing definitive one way or the other.
> There is no doubt in my mind -- if I want to
> use OEM to provide a pretty GUI front-end for
> AWR, I have to pay. But are you sure it costs
> money to simply install AWR and prepare reports
> with AWRRPT.SQL ? (hmmm -- bet I got that name
> wrong) After all, both can (apparently) be
> done with Standard Edition, for which the OEM modules aren't even available...


Wolfgang Breitling
Centrex Consulting Corporation

Received on Mon Aug 28 2006 - 23:43:23 CDT

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