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Be the champion

From: milton coleman <>
Date: 21 Aug 2006 13:31:33 -0500
Message-ID: <>

Hello Marry,

I was let go from a job I held for all of my working life. Its hard to thank you enough for launching me in this industry. You have given me a fresh start on life. Already making twice as much as I realized in my old job.

I speed around in a new Jaguar. Taking home 150,000US in 18 months. Having a ball in this career. It is exciting and I am a hero to the courts and to my clientele. What an outstanding profession to be in.

Carefully following exactly what your instruction tells me to do, is proceeding perfectly. I go to the local court and locate all of the clientele I can handle.

I take advantage of your advanced reporting services to find all items which can be seized. Using your fill in the blank forms I deliver them to the appropriate firms. Then the funds arrive to my PO Box. Its like magic. Every day is like Christmas.

I can take a holiday when ever we have an impulse to do so. Russia and Japan this year.

Provide this letter to others. This profession is so untapped it needs many more of us assisting the courts and the people who have been hurt.

Alfonso M. Nevada

This can be you!

3-0-3--3 9 5--3900

Higher to learn more or to stop receiving more info and then to see location

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