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RE: Veritas CFS, QFS or RAW? Which for High Transaction Load on RAC with Solaris 10/Oracle 10g ?

From: fairlie rego <>
Date: Fri, 18 Aug 2006 00:39:51 -0700 (PDT)
Message-ID: <>


    We have a 6 node cluster on Solaris 64 bit RAC and SFRAC 4.1     We do something like 400 transactions/sec and around 500,000 logical     reads/sec and are very much a production site with a db size of 1.5 Tb.   

    Each node has 96Gb of RAM and 24 CPUs     We have had a couple of issues with Veritas especially with odmstat but other that life is good at the moment          


Yasin Baskan <> wrote:

                To use Veritas CFS with RAC they provide a package called SFRAC (Storage Foundation for RAC). It includes a cluster server (VCS), a volume manager (VVM) and a cluster file system (VCF). This is fully supported and certified with RAC. As far as I know the current certified version is SFRAC 4.1, 5.0 is out, it may be also certified lately.

  QFS was not initially certified with RAC, I did not check if it is now, but I do not know of any sites using it.    

  I agree that ASM is still a new technology and i heard about some datafile losses in ASM, I do not have the case, it can be just hearsay.    

  If ASM is out of question, other than a cluster file system the only remaining option is using RAW, for Solaris of course. We are currently using RAC on raw devices on Solaris and we are in touch with Veritas to find out what they offer extra other than the management easiness of a cluster file system.    

      From: [] On Behalf Of VIVEK_SHARMA Sent: Friday, August 18, 2006 9:18 AM
To:; Subject: Veritas CFS, QFS or RAW? Which for High Transaction Load on RAC with Solaris 10/Oracle 10g ?    

  Thanks Giri for the info.    

  Qs 1 Has Veritas CFS been tried & tested on very High Hybrid Transaction Loads with Solaris 10/Oracle10g on RAC at production sites?   Qs 2 What Other Filesystems are advisable for a very High Hybrid Transaction Load Setup with Solaris 10/Oracle 10g with RAC?   Qs 3 Is QFS advisable?
  Qs 4 Is RAW instead of Cluster FS the last resort?    

  ASM is still seemingly NEW & probably NOT so much tried & tested as yet with High Load Production sites.    

  Thanks indeed        

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From: Venkata Giri PG [] Sent: Thursday, August 17, 2006 11:06 PM To: VIVEK_SHARMA; Subject: RE: VXFS supports RAC or NOT?... Other Options with Solaris 10/Oracle 10g        

  We are also in the process of setting up 10g R2 RAC on Sun Solaris 10 with   EMC storage.    

  As per the information I gathered VxFS is general filesystem, it is not a   cluster FS. You need Veritas Database Edition which enables oracle to use   CFS. Veritas CFS is an extension of VxFS.    

  You can use Oracle ASM instead of Cluster FS for database files and raw   device for Oracle clusterware repository and votingdisk        


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