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Re: Routine Checks

From: Charles Schultz <>
Date: Wed, 16 Aug 2006 10:46:26 -0500
Message-ID: <>

Grin. I hear ya.

I should have added a disclaimer of my own: "Don't expect too much, and you will be happy."

I have not seen many java errors, but then again, I have not been actively looking for them. As I mentioned, we do have a couple SRs open about core dumping issues, and I say that to remind you that the glasses are not so rosy. We have been told that it is possible to reset the IA without re-installing it, but we have not taken the time to prove that true or false. I take it with the usual grain of salt.

On 8/16/06, Jesse, Rich <> wrote:
> Arg. Once again, someone has my hopes up that EM will be usable. I did
> try 10gR1 and it was unreliable at best. Does R2 still dump copious amounts
> of Java errors that my log checker will pick up? Can the IA be "reset" with
> needing to re-freaking-install it?
> Gah. I don't have time to mess with it anyway. I need to get up-to-speed
> on Data Guard. Oh wait, the DG Broker's GUI is EM. This really is the
> winter of my discontent, or at least 40 charaters of it:
> Rich
> Disclaimer: Beer is not a substitute for caffeiene.
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> Just about everything from to Although, we upgraded the
> 8i databases shortly after implementing EM10gR2, so I do not think we
> actually tried the EM features on the 8i databases. However, things work
> well for the 9i databases, and I have not experienced any problems related
> to version incompatibilities. We did use the 9i console, but mostly to
> monitor Production databases for various events (we turned a majority of
> them off). Our group is much happier with the 10g console (if you can call
> it that) over the 9i console, even given the various little nuances (ie, you
> do not always know where you are drilling down to, some of the links are
> completely counter-intuitive or just incorrect, navigating backwards can be
> tricky).
> Actually, one of the most poignant lessons we learned was very serious at
> the time, but perhaps a little funny now. I share this with you all so you
> do not repeat it.
> Be very careful when playing with the Maintenance Window. If you follow
> "Administration" tab -> "Windows" -> edit "WEEKEND" or "WEEKNIGHT". Note how
> the default RESOURCE PLAN is INTERNAL_QUIESCE. If you wish to strictly
> change the time of the window (say, one hour later) and forget to change the
> Resource Plan, you will be screwed (unless you really intend to put your
> database into a coma). I brought this up with our Oracle Sales Rep and
> percolated the issue as much as possible, but as far as I know, this issue
> has not been fixed yet. Beware the defaults!
> The silver lining is that you can get some very obscure and exotic
> experience in trouble-shooting a database that accidentally quiesced. Would
> make for a good scenario in one of the DBA workshops.

Charles Schultz

Received on Wed Aug 16 2006 - 10:46:26 CDT

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