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64-Bit Oracle on Windows 2003

From: Freeman, Donald <>
Date: Wed, 16 Aug 2006 11:37:42 -0400
Message-ID: <51327ABA927BEF4B96590554CEA7832C060B968B@enhbgpri05.backup>

Hi, I need some feedback on upgrading to 64-Bit. We are a state public health agency. My project team has proposed that during our regular server replacement cycle that our next purchase to replace our OLTP RAC system should be HP 64-bit servers, each w/ dual 1.6GHz Itanium processors, 16 GB RAM, 146 GB RAID drives, dual power supplies, and Windows Server 2003 64-bit.
We are getting a lot of kickback from our director about performance. All we can do is speculate about how this is going to work in our environment. We have had Oracle in and they told us we'd get up to a five-fold increase in performance in an OLTP system. Right now our 32-bit architecture tops out at about 60 users. We should be able to respond to a public health emergency during which time it should be able to handle a lot more users. We think this would get us there. Does anybody have any wonder stories about how their life changed after 64 bit? Here is the exact quote I am trying to address: ".... I am concerned that we are going to spend over $100,000 for 64 bit servers without understanding what we will get for this. I understand this should improve performance, but it is not clear that we have a benchmark in place. I am not in favor of buying equipment in hopes that performance will improve anecdotically. I would like to see some hard numbers that will point to whether or not this investment delivers what is promised?"

Don Freeman
Database Administrator 1
Bureau of Information Technology
Pennsylvania Department of Health
(717) 703-5782

Received on Wed Aug 16 2006 - 10:37:42 CDT

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