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Re: RAC in NAS

From: Mark Brinsmead <>
Date: Tue, 1 Aug 2006 20:18:33 -0600
Message-ID: <>

And I'll be happy to read it. ;-)

I wonder how many PHBs will, though...

Although, I really ought to point out that my original point (at the beginning of this
rather long discussion) was *meant* to be that a relatively small amount of common sense (and maybe a whole lot of homework) can avoid the most *amazing* "situations".

As others have recently noted in this thread, many of these "situations" come from such fundamental errors as measuring storage (only) in GBytes, rather than in MB/s or RIOPs. Other personal favorites are deploying a massive new system to production, and *then* starting to think about *how* to back it up, or meticulously benchmarking the "transactional" performance of an OLTP solution but completely neglecting to benchmark the backups or batch processing.

Still, I *have* noted the rather prominent lack of decent reading material on
matters relating to storage architecture. I do recall purchasing *one* book on the subject (mostly out of despair for ever finding a *good* one) and *still* being deeply disappointed. I won't bother to mention the author or the publisher...

Yes, if Jared writes it, I will buy it. I'll probably even *read* it. ;-)

Maybe we could even get him started. Perhaps we should start outlining the TOC? ;-)

On 8/1/06, Mogens Nørrgaard <> wrote:
> No, it's back to US again. It is no use trying the finger-pointing,
> since all guys everywhere pretty much are nice guys. As soon as you get
> to know them it's very hard to be hard and agressive towards what
> they're trying to do, isn't it?
> So, Jared, stop all this nonsense and start planning the storage book.
> It's sorely needed, and I suspect that's what you wanted to point out to
> us :-).
> I'll be happy to write the introduction :-))).
> Mogens
> Jared Still wrote:
> [...]

-- Mark Brinsmead
   Staff DBA,
   The Pythian Group

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