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Backup questions (RMan and NetBackup)

From: Sarah Satterthwaite <>
Date: Mon, 31 Jul 2006 14:26:49 -0400
Message-ID: <>

We are finally implementing RMan and hot backups which also means turning on archivelog mode. We are also switching from Veritas BackupExec to NetBackup since it interfaces with RMan.

Environment is Windows 2k and Oracle and one 10.2. A few of the databases will be moved to Linux in the near future and two of them are having standby databases implemented at the DR sites. The largest database is about 300 gigabytes.

I have come up with procedures that so far seem to work, but have some questions about best practices.

RMan catalog versus just the control file (I haven't tried creating a catalog so far in my testing):

        When is this useful? My 10.2 environment consists of just one database (and soon a standby) plus a NetBackup server for that system only. Since only one database is involved, all the catalog would buy me is a longer history of backups than will fit in the control file. It does not seem worth the trouble and I don't have a machine in that environment to put the catalog on. Am I missing something here?

        I have multiple 8.1.7 databases to backup to a single NetBackup Server. Is there an advantage to having a recovery catalog when multiple databases are involved? Does it make tracking things easier?

I want to backup the databases to disk and then to tape, leaving the latest disk copy around in case we need it. Is the best way to do this to:

        Backup the database to disk and then backup those backup sets to tape.

        Backup 2 copies, one copy going to tape and one to disk (I haven't tried doing this and am not sure it is even possible).

        The NetBackup documentation mentions staging areas where the files on disk then get swept to tape periodically. Is this a path that is worth investigating?

Are backup sets or image copies preferred? I like the idea of skipping all those unused blocks, but the manual seems to imply that image copies are preferred as they have less overhead.

For control file autobackups. are their problems with setting the format to something besides the default?

I'm looking for guidance about what has worked well/badly for others. Your wisdom is greatly appreciated.


PS Jared, do you have an updated link for the following which is no longer found?

< kup_and_Oracle_RMAN.doc>

Sarah Satterthwaite
Database Administrator

Fiserv Lending Solutions
125 CambridgePark Drive
Cambridge, MA 02140

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