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Re: osh/oraenv for users w/ low file size limit - not for scripts?

From: Boris Dali <>
Date: Mon, 31 Jul 2006 09:01:16 -0400 (EDT)
Message-ID: <>

Thanks, Dimitre. I saw this note, but I haven’t seen anything specifically stated that osh is not meant for scripts. Normally oracle accounts and accounts that are part of the dba group have unlimited (or high enough) file size limit, so it’s never a problem. With this client however, they have quite a few non-dba accounts with low file size limit and cron-scheduled jobs. This setup worked ok until the second Oracle home (different version) was created. Now, they added oraenv at the beginning of the scripts to setup the PATH and scripts don’t run anymore (because “exec osh” doesn’t return control) and hence was my question.

There are number of solutions here – to lower the limit in oraenv (or just comment it out), not to use oraenv at all or modify these accounts to bump up their file size limit. None of these seem like a clean solution however. Since osh came around Oracle 6 at least, I thought there must be a better way

Boris Dali.

> > Is osh (and by extension oraenv for users with low
> > file size limit) not meant to be used in scripts?
> Yes, I think it's supposed to be run interactively
> (MetaLink Note:1883.1).
> <quote>
> OSH (Oracle shell)
> The osh program is included in the Oracle
> distribution and is run when the
> oraenv (or coraenv) script is run in the Bourne
> shell (or C shell). Therefore,
> if all DBA users (that is users that have the
> ability to start the Oracle
> database) have a call to this script in their
> .profile (or .login), you will
> not experience the error described above. The osh
> program raises the ulimit to
> the maximum (about 1/2 gigs), and execs over the
> current shell. It has the suid
> bit set and is owned by root, so it has the
> permission to raise the ulimit.
> Any process started ***from this shell*** will
> inherit the large ulimit and will be
> able to write to the largest files that Unix can
> handle.
> </quote>
> Dimitre

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