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Re: RAC in NAS

From: Nuno Souto <>
Date: Wed, 26 Jul 2006 22:25:07 +1000
Message-ID: <>

Yavor Ivanov wrote,on my timestamp of 26/07/2006 10:09 PM: >
> I had a call from a custumer, who bought 2 IBM servers with x64 (4 Xeon64 CPUs per node)
> architectures and NAS, seeking for RAC solution on Windows.
> Unfortunately, they did not ask anyone before bying the hardware and now they
have this so
> expensive hardware which is not supported for RAC on Windows.
> Oracle RAC supports only SAN on Windows. So sad.

No, not sad. It's what Oracle supports. At most, it's terminally stupid for the customer to go out and buy hardware without checking first. But then again, IBM would never ask them to check firstt, selling comes before all that?...

> So I was wondering, if anyone of you tried running RAC on Linux with NAS?
> Is it running, and is it supported? Unfortunltely I could not find
> hard statement is it working solution (and for Windows it is
> written that it does NOT work:
> certify/tech_generic_window.html ).

Haven't yet tried RAC on Linux with anything. Having enough trouble here making vanilla 9ir2 work fine with ASSM and LOBs in Linux dedicated. Let alone RAC! But that's another story: for those with access to Metaclick, seek out the list of bug fixes planned for, then read on the ASSM and LOB bug references there. Yes, Virginia: we've just hit every single one of them! Fun and games...

I don't think NAS is supported for RAC on Linux. However, I'll stand corrected if anyone knows different. As well, it might help if you give us a hint on which versions of Oracle and Linux the customer is planning to run? Or is that pre-determined already by "oh-so-knowledgeable" IBM?

Nuno Souto
in sunny Sydney, Australia
Received on Wed Jul 26 2006 - 07:25:07 CDT

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