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Re: Help with Windows error - I have this issue as well - Not urgent UPDATE some resolve

From: kathy duret <>
Date: Tue, 25 Jul 2006 08:53:19 -0700 (PDT)
Message-ID: <>

thanks. This is what I have so far
  Versions of Microsoft the same and same for db   Yes we were at 3G but we were getting 100 less connections with nothing different    

  Took out sga_max_size bounced computer and got 100 connections back.   question is why this did not affect the old database and yes it was in as a parameter.    

  The old machine compact 8000
  The new machine dell 6850 - does have more ram,etc    

  Went through registry, machine settings, still haven't seen what the deal is.    

  Going to try orastack.exe to shrink things down to 768K, don't know if 512K will work    

  Not going to try the PAE switch as I found some cool features involving memory leaks    

  Did try to split the pagefile on the app server and database (per Oracle support) on two different virtual drive - NO AFFECT    

  did try to reduce the db_cache_size - NO AFFECT    

  did try to reduce shared_pool - negative affect on db. put back up as we were pretty small anyway.    

  3G switch DOES help and I did test this. Went from not being able to get to 200 connections to over 400 (without sga_max_size)    

  Used swingbench to test. very cool very helpful. very free.    

  I will let you know how the orastack turns out. I think it will work, but I am not sure how the 3rd party app will work.    

  and miles to go before I sleep   

Giovanni Cuccu <> wrote:   Hi Kathy,
I run into a similar issue some time ago. Here is my experience:
if in the listener.ora you have:
32-bit Windows Error: 8: Exec format error you are hitting a memory limit.
To determine what the mory limit is you have to open performance monitor in administrative tools, select process in the performance voice combo and the oracle process in the list that appears on the rigth of the window. Choose virtual bytes between the options on the left and you can see what happens. If you got the error while the virtual bytes is around 1,7gb you are unable to use the /3GB switch (or /PAE or whatever).
I clearly remeber that on win2000 (not the 2003 you have) standard the 3GB switch has no effect you need an higher os version. On 2003 the situation is a little more complicated, but I have to do some more investigations.
Hope it helps,

On 7/24/06, kathy duret wrote:
> Riddle me this. Used to get over 500 connections, now only 400 on windows
> before I hit error
> Windows 2003, 32bit
> Yes I have a sev 1 tar open with Oracle and they haven't been able to solve
> my issue. No, I can't upgrade from to 10 on 3rd party application
> and not certified.
> No new applications deployed, no program changes in.
> I have these errors:
> TNS-12500: TNS:listener failed to start a dedicated server process
> TNS-12540: TNS:internal limit restriction exceeded
> TNS-12560: TNS:protocol adapter error
> TNS-00510: Internal limit restriction exceeded
> Moved to a new dell 6850 box and clone of 9.2.06 database this weekend.
> Everything is the same that I can tell except :
> The parameters are all the same EXCEPT db_cache size which I DECREASED by
> almost 1/2 per Oracle instructions.
> My shared_pool_size is very small, large pool is 32K which I can't decrease
> any more, java pool is 0.
> since this was a new OS install on windows, the os and patch levels are the
> could there be any register setting that might be different or ?
> anyone got a clue, cause Oracle doesn't
> Thanks,
> Kathy
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