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9i to 10g Upgrade

From: Sandra Becker <>
Date: Thu, 20 Jul 2006 15:31:12 -0600
Message-ID: <>

I'm preparing to do my first 9i to 10g upgrade and would like to have a solid plan in place before I start. I've prepared an implementation plan with the following steps and would like to know if anyone sees steps I might have missed. We also are moving from a 32-bit to 64-bit platform. The 10gR2 upgrade guide says this will be handled automatically going from 9i to 10g.

  1. Install latest version of OS and all necessary OS patches for the Linux/Oracle platform.
  2. Install 9i and apply necessary patches to bring up to current production level.
  3. Install 10g in another home and apply any necessary patches.
  4. Create a test 9i database.
  5. Set up backups for both the database and archivelogs.
  6. Test backup and restore.
  7. Upgrade the test 9i to 10g to ensure I understand the process.
  8. Test backup and restore again. Note any issues or changes needed.
  9. Restore the production 9i database from tape. Note timings. (I won't be able to do a cold backups because of the length of the downtime necessary.)
  10. Restore the production archivelogs.
  11. Do a P-I-T recovery.
  12. Point the test app server to the restored 9i database.
  13. Cold backup restored 9i database in case we need to retest from this point forward. Note timings.
  14. Thoroughly test app against restored database. Monitor for a performance baseline on the new node. (They tell me they can duplicate a production load.)
  15. Backup archive logs. Note timings. (They're asking for this info on archivelogs.)
  16. Upgrade to 10g.
  17. Thoroughly test app against 10g database. Monitor performance, errors, etc.
  18. Make necessary parameter and code changes. (We expect this phase to be lengthy.)
  19. Remove test databases from new node.
  20. Begin production restore, upgrade, go live.

They have never done a database restore from tape that they are aware of so this also will be my opportunity to implement a disaster recovery plan. The current plan is "cross your fingers and pray". I've only been on the job for 6 weeks and this is my first time on Linux so I'm a bit nervous about doing it the right way the first time. I've worked on Solaris, AIX, HP-UX, and Tru64 and I'm hoping the install and upgrades will be similar to what I've done in the past.


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