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Scratch out your credit card balances and pay nothing

From: yesenia armstrong <>
Date: Sat, 08 Jul 2006 05:01:19 -0700
Message-ID: <eb1d01c6a24b$8cb5a800$8c994481@manfredgleper>

You may want to look over this thank-you note from one of our numerous happy customers.

Good day Jimmie,

I found that God is truly merciful, the day I discovered you and your firm.  

Retelling my story, I am just barely out of a ruinous divorce. The painful outcome was that I realized that I was answerable for the $58,000 my partner had mounted up on major bank cards that he never told me of.

I had no chance for me to sustain my sons and at the same time settle these growing cards payments.

Your team has helped me. Now I will make no further payments on these credit cards. Clearly due to the United States and Canadian laws the bank cards companies wont act in accordance with, you bound the card firms to discard all of my bank card bills.

In an instant I have 0.00 balances now or in the months to come on these cards. My credit is clear!!

You have proven to be my saving grace.

Thanks for everything.

Vickie FL

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