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Problem with LMT and ASSM

From: Markus Kuehn <>
Date: Tue, 27 Jun 2006 16:20:14 +0200
Message-ID: <>

Hello members,

sorry, forgot the subject.

We have a problem with locally managed tablespaces and segment space management auto on on AIX 5.2. The problem follows:

We created a table in a tablespace with extent management local autoallocate and segment space management auto. Every day about 150.000 records are inserted into this table. Records which are older than 90 days are deleted from the table. The delete-job runs at 17:00, the insert-job runs at 00:30, so that they are seperated from each other. No updates are taking place in this table. The first inserts created 64 extents with 128 blocks and 1 MB each. After those extents went full, 120 extents with 1024 blocks and 8 MB each were created. Now, as they went full too, extents with 8192 blocks and 64 MB each are created. Due to the deletes the lower extents from extent id 0 to extent id 90 are freed but are not reused. Instead new extents are created. This will lead to a tablespace covering all available disk-space, which is not really satisfying. An "alter table move" to a different tablespace and "alter tablespace move" to the original tablespace reduces the number of used extents. But after some time we run in the same problem again.

Anyone out there has a solution or work-around for this type of situation.

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