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Possibilities to Obtain substantial income and Help the Justice System

From: ramona duncan <>
Date: Mon, 26 Jun 2006 20:50:23 -0400
Message-ID: <588e01c69962$2506df90$96d3ace3@esmaraldarz>

Hi Allan,

I found you just in time because I was let go from my employment I held for 25 plus years.

I can't thank you enough for establishing me in this new enterprise. You have given me a brand new lease on life. Already realizing twice as much as I earned in my old job.

I purchased a New 2005 Lexus. Taking home 6 digit level in 18 months. Really having a great time in this business. It is exciting and I am a hero to the judges and to my clients. What an outstanding profession to be in.

Doing exactly what your instructions recommends me to do, is working out perfectly. I go to the court house and locate all of the clients I can handle.

I take advantage of your advanced reporting services to find all assets. Using your fill in the blank forms I mail them to the appropriate firms. Then the funds arrive to my PO Box. Its like magic. I love it.

I can take a holiday when ever I have the impulse to do so. France and Mexico this year.

Show this letter to others. This profession is so huge it needs many more of us assisting the courts and the people who have been damaged.

Rosella C. Oregon

This might be you!

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