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Opening at Pythian in Ottawa - Will sponsor

From: Paul Vallee <>
Date: Wed, 14 Jun 2006 09:15:31 -0400
Message-ID: <>

 Hello everyone,

I have an opening for a senior DBA here in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. I measure senior not by years of experience but rather by overall abilities, so please feel free to apply even if you don't have years & years of experience.

We will happily sponsor a work visa for an exceptional candidate. Please forward this message to anyone you feel might have an interest, please feel free to re-post this message anywhere you feel is appropriate.

Top criteria:
-> Outstanding Oracle DBA on UNIX skills, especially SQL, PL/SQL, tuning,
modeling, config, etc.
-> Exceptional troubleshooting, problem-solving and learning skills
-> Superior productivity per hour and overall getting-the-job-done-right
-> Fluent communication skills in English, both written and oral
-> Oracle DBA on platforms other than UNIX a plus, so long as the UNIX
experience is there too
-> UNIX sysadmin experience a plus, RAC implementation experience a plus
-> Publications and presentations experience and interest a plus
-> Oracle Applications, SAP and Peoplesoft experience a plus
-> DBA experience on non-Oracle platforms a plus, expecially MySQL and SQL

Job highlights:
-> Work in an elite team of DBAs for an elite group of customers - you'll
learn more here in a year than in any in-house DBA job no matter how long you stay; I personally guarantee it.
-> Work and gain valuable experience on every mainstream platform that runs
Oracle, including AIX, HP/UX, Solaris, Linux, Tru64, Windows, etc.
-> Support every mainstream Oracle technology and feature, including RAC,
advanced queuing, advanced replication, every flavour of dataguard, RMAN, streams, etc. etc.
-> Work across multiple industries including health care, manufacturing,
media, dot-com, education, retail, services, and many more.
-> Work in a company that values hard work, not long work.
-> Work in a company that will allow you to research and write articles,
presentations and blog posts on company time, and pay for you to present your research at any user conference in North America where it gets accepted.

Learn more about Pythian and see our customer list at http://www.pythian .com. <>

To apply:

Send an email with a one-paragraph introduction of who you are and why you are exceptional to me at (for the archive, that's pythianhr [at] gmail [dot] com). In case you're wondering, I use gmail for our HR inbox because of its superior labeling, sorting and searching features. Please attach your resume in Word or PDF format.

More information about Ottawa:
 Ottawa is a city of around 1,000,000 and is a great place to live. Encyclopedia: Cost of living: Quality of life: (Globe & Mail article reprint)

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