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RE: Overloading words: How can we get Oracle to stop it?

From: Ken Naim <>
Date: Fri, 9 Jun 2006 14:27:12 -0500
Message-ID: <03d901c68bfa$b5d492d0$b4ae6a44@KenHome>

I personally don't care as long they are on very different functions of the application and I realize that in a product the size of oracle you will always run into a situation where 2 different functions could use the same term. Even in a much smaller system, you could have 2 schemas with different applications that have overlapping terms, as long as one understands the context, and the contexts rarely cross it isn't an issue for me.

As for the naming of columns, I do wish it were consistent throughout the data dictionary but realize that oracle was built over many years and with many people and many of the naming conventions that we use today weren't even thought of or cared about back when many of the data dictionary views were created. I like to think that it would be a simple matter of renaming some columns and doing a search and replace on some code but then I get to think how much of my own code would break, as well as other applications like TOAD, etc., and how much QA would need to be done that I realize that there more important tasks to be done.

I must also say that imho oracle has done a much better job on naming over the last few releases.

Ken Naim

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In more or less big enterprise IT company there are many teams that never talk to each other. I never saw there is someone(s) coordinating all teams/branches/ideas/whatever else - it's probably a dream that never comes true. This leads to cases like inventing same things twice and naming two different things by the same term.

2006/6/9, Michael McMullen <>:
> How about the use of different names for the same thing in data dictionary
> views.
> ie segment_owner,table_owner,owner,index_owner, timestamp,timestamp# etc.
> drives me crazy.

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Alex Gorbachev

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