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Re: Statspack ratios help

From: Mogens Nørrgaard <>
Date: Thu, 08 Jun 2006 07:28:28 +0200
Message-ID: <>

You can say that again :).

First of all, I think it's time the Subject of this thread changed from the wrongful statement 'Statspack ratios help' to 'Statspack ratios help consultants' (because consultants are paid by the hour, not by the solution).

Second, I think your last sentence should be shortened:

"....I find the data in the Wait Events/CPU Usage useful." :-)))

The on-one-hand-but-then-again-on-the-other-hand arguments we're seeing in the thread speak louder than Word.

I often hear the argument that people know Statspack might not <insert various things here>, but on the other hand they HAVE to make do with it since <insert various arguments here>.

When so many good people in our circles try for decades to come up with examples where Statspack really, conclusively, honestly came up with answers instead of questions ... you have to ask yourself a few questions if you're an enquiring mind.

Workload reduction (find some heavy SQL, do something, repeat) can be good, clean fun, and it will sometimes keep you off the streets even after dark, but in very many cases it's not the thing that fixes a certain, bad user experience. When it is, it's often by way of a butterfly wings effect or just pure luck/chance.


Terry Sutton wrote:

>Cary, hope you didn't hurt yourself falling overboard. :-)
>Yes, I misspoke. I did mean that having soft parses is better than having
>the same number of hard parses, but obviously having almost as many parses
>as executions is not good. I should have stuck with my initial statement.
>Ratios don't tell you much.
>While I think more highly of Statspack data than Cary does (partly because I
>often wind up having to work with that data, without the ability to profile
>a specific process), I find the data in the Wait Events/CPU Usage section
>much, much more useful than the ratios.

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