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RE: Moving OPTSTAT objects from SYSAUX

From: Wittenmyer Joel - CO <>
Date: Mon, 5 Jun 2006 17:52:39 -0500
Message-ID: <F5E885BEF9540D47A7BDC03CF168808719210BAA@tuscil_ex1>

Ok, I admit it. I was 'fishing' for you :-), suspecting the author would be here...  

Well, I my tests went fine. However, when I asked Oracle to 'bless' this unholy practice they said absolutely not! They referenced the following Notes, one of which you will recognize:

329984.1 (unpublished)


When I pointed out that nothing here says I can't move them (including the unpublished Note, the text of which he was kind enough to send me), the analyst whipped out the "Kernel Group" card and quoted them as saying "No, No! Bad dog" or some such.  

So, it's the patchset and new adventures in Bug identification for me.  

Thanks for responding John :-)

From: John Kanagaraj [] Sent: Monday, June 05, 2006 5:44 PM
To: Wittenmyer Joel - CO; Subject: RE: Moving OPTSTAT objects from SYSAUX  


I was the author of that sidebar :-) Oracle 10g Insider solutions was written with (patched to .4 later) and the Author's Beta release 2 ( This particular info was based on Metalink Note 243246.1 (last updated 02-May-06 so nothing has changed "officially"). I re-looked at this on a instance and it hadn't changed.... The bug is also sparse on details :D  

Information about OPTSTAT seems to be quite hard to come by, so please share what you learnt with this list!  


John Kanagaraj <><
DB Soft Inc
Phone: 408-970-7002 (W)   

Co-Author: Oracle Database 10g Insider Solutions <>   

From: [] On Behalf Of Wittenmyer Joel - CO
Sent: Sunday, June 04, 2006 7:08 AM
To: ''
Subject: Moving OPTSTAT objects from SYSAUX

We encountered bug 4288876 in and applied the one-off patch, which failed to have any effect on the bug at all. Apparently this is not uncommon with this bug / patch. The next step is to apply patchset, which apparently succeeds even where the one-off patch fails. I'm always loathe to: 1) install / use version 1 of anything Oracle; 2) apply the latest patchset. In our architecture I was able to isolate the bug behaviour to the statistics gathering processes doing DML on the OPTSTAT objects in the SYSAUX tablespace. I therefore tested moving the OPTSTAT objects out of SYSAUX, exercising the statistics gathering processes, moving the objects back into SYSAUX, and again exercising the processes. Everything seems to be fine. However, I read a note in "10g Insider Solutions" that states that these particular objects CANNOT be moved from SYSAUX.   Finally, the questions:

Has anyone had experiences one way or the other moving these objects out of SYSAUX? Does anyone know why it would be a bad idea to do so?  

Thanks in advance,

Joel Wittenmyer

Received on Mon Jun 05 2006 - 17:52:39 CDT

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