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RE: Oracle OpenWorld and abstracts???

From: Mark W. Farnham <>
Date: Sat, 3 Jun 2006 15:57:37 -0400
Message-ID: <>

A slightly longer answer is that OOW is not soliciting user papers directly, but has allocated 100 user group sponsored papers to the various users groups globally. Ask your relevant users group how to apply (and/or visit their web sites). I'm not sure whether the ship has already sailed. I am not sure how many slots each users group has of the 100. Presumably there is some notion of a balanced allocation amongst the Ebusiness suite, acquired Oracle Application suites, the continentally (and nationally in the case of the UK) organized general Oracle technology groups, and possibly ODTUG. I do not claim to know the details,
but I know for sure there will be user papers. Some groups may be using "best of" selections from previous conferences, in which case there may be no solitication at all from those groups. Chances of getting a paper selected without knowing someone and having a track record seem to correspond well to the chances of a snowball surviving the afternoon on a beach in Miami in July.

As Kevin mentioned, there are sponsor allocated paper slots as well, and possibly Oracle Press has some spots for authors.

I'm not sure what Kevin meant by "no longer." ;) Slight quibble on "strictly payola"; see snowball probability guide above. Oracle spoon-fed? Well, not exactly, but playing nice at OOW has a pretty transparent and predictable affect on Oracle's support to User Group conferences.



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>>>Is OpenWorld still not accepting user abstracts??

This is a FABULOUS topic. The short answer is no. OpenWorld is no longer a true tech conference. It is strictly payola and Oracle spoon-fed. So if you don't have connections to one of the show sponsors and are not an Oracle employee, look for a real tech conference.

Ask me if you want to know how I know this.


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