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RE: DBV slow W2K server

From: Seán <>
Date: Thu, 1 Jun 2006 13:53:53 +0100
Message-ID: <ED830ACBD3C0DD4AAC649376C54CFD8602347973@SWSMS01.emea.pharma.intra>

Hi Sriram,  

The particular DB has an offline backup taken each night Mon - Fri. This is done on a disk-to-disk basis. I was simply running the DBV on the backed up files as an extra check to verify if any corruption was present in files. We've not moved to RMAN (yet!). The AV settings are as they always were on the drive in question, i.e. excluded.  

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	Hi Sean,
	As pointed out by gurus it doesn't make sense to run a DBV on DB/Backup on a daily basis for a DB that is big in size. you can try to schedule the DBV may be once in a week/fortnight/month(off peak time when nothing else is running) as a proactive measure. 
	I assume you are not using RMAN for DB backup.I dont know the size of your DB/backup and hence comment on the time taken for the DBV.  
	Being a Windows Box, I am to ask you an basic question. Is by any chance the Virus Scanner is enabled on the area where Oracle Datafiles/Backups are located?. If yes this could slow down things and may be you can configure the VS to ignore these areas. 
	Best Regards
	Sriram Kumar

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		Hi Folks,
		Would appreciate some help/guidance with an issue I've noticed with the dbv utility on Windows 2000 server.  I'm using this utility as part of an offline backup process.  For some reason the dbv is now taking over 9 hours to complete.  It used to take about half this time.  I've been to Internet to try and track down if this is a known issue but to no avail.  The Oracle manuals have not been much help either.   I've looked at the server and it does not appear to be maxed out by anything that would cripple the dbv executing. 
		- Seán O' Neill

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