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RE: OTish: SQL Server boo recommendation please.

From: Mary Bahrami <>
Date: Tue, 30 May 2006 13:39:37 -0700
Message-ID: <>

We also centralized SS databases about 3 years ago and have been doing new in-house development in SS due to cost of Oracle licensing. (boo) Great non-MS sites are: and The Delaney book is good for architecture, but for practical uses/scripts see 'sql server 2000 DBA Survival Guide'. An excellent book for the tsql transition is 'sql server 2000 programming' by Viera. Books Online
(BOL) that you can install with any version of SS is excellent, the
search sucks if you don't know the correct term, but googling 'oracleterm sql server' usually works. SS2005 is a big transition, pretty much requiring a rewrite for some apps here, so consider it for new apps....

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[] On Behalf Of stephen booth Sent: Friday, May 12, 2006 4:09 PM
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Subject: OTish: SQL Server boo recommendation please.

I'm aware that a number of people here admin Microsoft SQL Server as well as Oracle.

Where I work Oracle has traditionally been used for corporate apps
(and some departmental/smaller apps) and supported centrally by the
DBA team (i.e. me) or our FM supplier depending on where it is in the life cycle. SQL Server, on the other hand, has been restricted to departmental/smaller apps and supported by the departmental IT teams
(who also support the apps themselves, file/print servers and the
Windows desktops). A consultant who has been brought in, as part of a Business Transformation programme, has indicated that all databases, whether Oracle or SQLServer, should be supported by the DBA team
(we're getting rid of our FM supplier). Therefore I need to learn
about SQL Server ASAP.

I was hoping that someone could recommend a book (or maybe a few) that are aimed at letting administrators who have experience of another RDBMS learn SQLServer. I've asked around a number of the SQLServer people at work and the only book any of them really know about is the MCSE study guide but they say it's very dry, dense and oriented towards passing the exam. They indicated that it's purely aimed at people learning SQLServer from scratch, it's in no way aimed at people converting from another RDBMS..

I've Googled but the only book I can find a reference to is "Microsoft Sql Server 2000 Database Administrator's Guidebook". I can, however, only find it listed for sale second hand and the review (there's only one) for it on is less than glowing, it pans the book and the reviewer states that he is an Oracle DBA. Anyone got experience of that book? Is it any good?

I'm funding this myself and Oracle if definately my RDBMS of choice so, whilst I'm OK with buying 2 or more books, I wouldn't be happy spending much more than 100ukp total (including shipping).



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