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RE: Metalink and availability

From: Freeman, Donald <>
Date: Tue, 23 May 2006 13:22:23 -0400
Message-ID: <51327ABA927BEF4B96590554CEA7832C290772@enhbgpri05.backup>

I just wrote a lengthy feedback to a manager at Oracle. I posted a rather abusive document feedback and told them I thought the site was maintained by Elbonians and that transiting the site reminded me of sorting spaghetti. They helpfully opened an SR for me, assigned it to an obsolete CIS number so that I couldn't view or update it , and had an analyst call me to tell me how to solve my problem.

My problem is that the reference document is wrong. I found out how to do what I needed by asking somebody else. This didn't prevent the guy from reading the procedure to me. When I got his attention I explained to him in fluent Elbonian that he needed to fix the doc. He promised to try. I then got an email request to rate the service. I did that appropriately(hah)and then got an email from the manager who helpfully said that the analyst had updated the SR (which I can't access) with the correct information and a request that the doc be changed.

Anyway, maybe it doesn't really matter if you can access it or not.

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[] On Behalf Of Jeremiah Wilton Sent: Tuesday, May 23, 2006 11:21 AM
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Subject: Metalink and availability

Today Metalink says:

> Due to a temporary technical problem searches on MetaLink will be
> unavailable until 18:00 GMT (10:00 a.m. Pacific) today. Please use the

> Knowledge Browser to navigate to articles during this time. The
> repositories currently cannot be searched: SURe Documents

Each and every minor change or enhancement to Metalink that I can recall since it was first introduced in 1998 or so has resulted in massive loss of service. Most notable was "2.0" which tipped over completely on its first day and didn't work right for months. At least now you see error messages that say something instead of unfiltered PL/SQL exceptions.

I guess they don't consider their customers' time and stability to be important enough to devote resources to the service sufficient to keep it working through enhancements. Unfortunately, the license language only promises "generally accepted industry standard" quality service. Alas, since people have been conditioned to accept a low standard of quality on software engineering, Oracle can plausibly argue that Metalink, despite being unusable, meets this standard.

Jeremiah Wilton
ORA-600 Consulting


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