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RENAME and Library cache pin waits

From: Herring Dave - dherri <>
Date: Thu, 18 May 2006 09:45:07 -0500
Message-ID: <>

I'm about to open an SR on a situation I've got with a RENAME hanging on event 'library cache pin', but thought I'd bounce it off all of you first, in case anyone's got any helpful suggestions on how to further investigate this or resolve it.

Here's the situation: We have an app that performs a RENAME at a certain point. There's a chance the table won't exist, so the statement should fail with an ORA-04043. I have no control over the app so I can't have the code check for existence of the table first or use ALTER TABLE ... RENAME instead. Anyway, what happens is the statement hangs on wait event 'library cache pin' for 5 minutes, then returns an ORA-04021. This is on under Linux x86-64 RHEL4.

While the statement is hanging I've run the following in a separate session:

SELECT /*+ ORDERED */ w1.sid waiting_session

, h1.sid holding_session, w.kgllktype lock_or_pin, w.kgllkhdl address
, DECODE(h.kgllkmod, 0, 'None', 1, 'Null', 2, 'Share', 3, 'Exclusive', 'Unknown') mode_held
, DECODE(w.kgllkreq, 0, 'None', 1, 'Null', 2, 'Share', 3, 'Exclusive', 'Unknown') mode_requested
  FROM dba_kgllock w, dba_kgllock h, v$session w1, v$session h1  WHERE ( ( h.kgllkmod != 0

             AND h.kgllkmod != 1 
             AND (   h.kgllkreq = 0 
                  OR h.kgllkreq = 1))
        AND (    (   w.kgllkmod = 0 
                  OR w.kgllkmod= 1) 
             AND (    w.kgllkreq != 0 
                  AND w.kgllkreq != 1)))
   AND w.kgllktype = h.kgllktype
   AND w.kgllkhdl = h.kgllkhdl

   AND w.kgllkuse = w1.saddr
   AND h.kgllkuse = h1.saddr;

... which shows that the RENAME is waiting on itself:


--------------- --------------- ---- ---------------- --------- ---------
            465             465 Pin  00000001FC7F7A30 Share     Exclusive

The ADDRESS listed above points to the table I'm trying to rename. I've got 2 databases on this server that exhibit the same behavior. I thought maybe it was an issue with, but I created a 3rd database and can't recreate the problem on it.

Any ideas of what else I could check?


Dave Herring, DBA
Acxiom Corporation
3333 Finley
Downers Grove, IL 60515
wk: 630.944.4762

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