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RE: To use SAME or NOT for High End Storage Setup ? .... Stripe Unit Size 32 MB Vs. 64 KB ?

Date: Fri, 12 May 2006 19:13:04 +0530
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  1. IBM is recommending SAME (Stripe across all the 46 LUNs) + 2 separate LUNs for online redo logfiles
  2. IBM is recommending 32 MB Stripe Unit size across the 46 LUNs using Volume Manager.

NOTE - Each underlying LUN has 8 Disks (Hardware Raid 1+0 with Stripe Unit Size 64 KB - This is NOT changeable)

Qs. Any feedback on impact of 32 MB Stripe Unit Size(across LUNs) on Performance of OLTP / Batch Transactions?  

For now we are also considering doing a Comparative benchmark of Performance of 32 MB versus 64 KB Stripe Unit sizes across the 46 LUNs.

NOTE - We may NOT be able to do an exhaustive comparison. Hence any similar experiences would help very much.  

NOTE - In a previous VERY Small benchmark on a few CPUs machine & a Very Small Storage Box having just a Few Disks with single Software Striping(NO Hardware Striping) , Performance of our Application's Batch Runs was VERY POOR for Stripe Unit Sizes of 512 KB, 1 MB, 2 MB. Performance was Good for Stripe unit Sizes of 64 KB & 128 KB.  


DB Server connects to -> 16 FC Controllers -> SAN Switch -> 18 FC controllers -> DS8300 Storage Box

Filesystem = JFS2

1 DB Server - P595 model - 64 CPUs

2 APP Server - P595 model - Each having 64 CPUs

NOTE - At a time Only 1 of OLTP or bath runs will happen  

Thanks indeed    

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Subject: RE: To use SAME or NOT for High End Storage Setup ?  

Kevin, Folks  

For a DS8300 High End Storage:-  

Which one of the following 2 is advisable:-

Qs. 1 Should ALL of the 47 (Hardware RAID 1+0) LUNs be Added into a Single Volume using Volume Manager (RAID 1 - Striping) - SAME concept?  

Qs. 2 Optionally should some "Optimal Num / sets" of these (RAID 1+0) LUNs be added / assimilated into different (multiple) Volumes (of RAID 1 - Striping)? If so, What should be this Optimal Num of LUNs per Volume (4,6 or 8 LUNs) ?  

NOTE - Database will be Laid out across all the 47 underlying LUNs  

Qs. 3 Being an OLTP type Banking application 64 KB Stripe Unit Size is being considered for Both of the following 2:-

i) The underlying Hardware RAID1+0 for LUN creation

ii) Also for the Volume Creation using Volume Manager (RAID 1 - Striping)

Would folks advise using different Stripe Unit Size for the above (i) & ii)?  

Thanks indeed  

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