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Re: Is an Oracle license required for a development environment?

From: Mogens Nørrgaard <>
Date: Thu, 11 May 2006 08:16:15 +0200
Message-ID: <>

For the same reason, we've just hired a former Oracle sales manager/director, who worked there for 16 years. Only way to make sure we can advise our customers on this stuff.

I've spent some time reading the official licensing and pricing information, and I've been involved in several cases and even disputes regarding this, but I must admit it's a jungle, and only by having actually brokered lots of these deals yourself do you stand a chance of knowing what is possible and what is not.


Paul Vallee wrote:

> If I can chime in, in my experience, what you need is not a lawyer,
> and certainly not an Oracle sales person to help you with this.
> What you need is Miro Consulting. I've had a working relationship with
> Scott Rosenberg, the founder & president, since 1999 when he was the
> lead Oracle license sales guy for Cintra, which was the leading
> independent reseller of Oracle licenses. What this means is that at
> the moment he founded Miro, he knew all the tricks. All the monthends
> & related negotiating leverage, all the flexibility Oracle had on
> pricing, the licenses and terms inside out, all the upsells, which
> were of little value, etc.
> He's gone on to found a consulting company that specializes in
> reducing his clients "Total Cost of Ownership" for Oracle. I've sent
> about half a dozen customers of Pythian's his way, and he's either
> saved them a bunch of money or simply not taken them on as customers
> when the deal they already had was as sweet as they got. That means
> it's a no-lose proposition to get them to review your licensing.
> You can find out more about them at
> Pythian does not get a dime either way, so rest assured I have no
> financial stake in recommending this company. :-)
> Hope this helps,
> Paul
> --
> Paul Vallee
> President, The Pythian Group, Inc.
> I blog at

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