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Re: ORA-4031

From: Tanel Põder <>
Date: Tue, 9 May 2006 22:27:03 +0800
Message-ID: <091e01c67375$76f76350$3f121eac@porgand>

Are those ORA-4031's accompanied with "large pool" or "shared pool" parameter in alert log?

If large pool, set the large_pool_size to higher value, despite the autotuning feature.

If shared pool, then please run this as SYS. In 10gR1 it should show you into how many shared subpools your SP has been divided to.

select count(*) from x$kghlu where kghlushrpool = 1;

If it's more than 1 then you might be hitting a bug/issue with shared subpools and it would be advisable to set _kghdsidx_count=1 and bounce the instance. That seems to be Oracle support's latest standard advice whenever having shared pool related issues...

(btw, in 10gR2 the x$kghlu shows 4X more entries as shared pool has been split up even further - protected by the same amount of latches though..)


  This weekend we upgraded from 32-bit to 64-bit (AIX 5.2) and we are experiencing a large number of 4031 errors(these were extremely rare under 8). We have contacted Oracle support as a sev 1 issue, but I thought I would drop a note to see if anyone has experienced anything like this while we wait. Under 8 our shared pool was approximately 250m. We initially set the shared pool to 1.2g under 10 and that was not enough. In the interim, we decided to increase the shared pool to 3g to see if we can buy some time while we continue to wait (and that has been successful so far). We do have some literal sql and some opportunities for improvement, but I would think we should experience "somewhat" similar behavior in terms of memory usage with the upgrade vs. the prior version. The amount of memory seems very excessive to me. In addition, we are not using the memory autotuning featur e. Anybody know of a bug related to excessive shared pool usage or any other thoughts? Thanks

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