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RE: Log_archive_format in 10.2

From: Ric Van Dyke <>
Date: Sun, 7 May 2006 07:36:49 -0500
Message-ID: <>

I don't work for Oracle any more but when I did I had a lot of dealings with the Data Guard group. And I do know that they were pushing to get the archive log names to have these format items in the names. The problem was that customers would start out just as you are, "it's just a little single instance thingy" then as time would go by this thingy would become production, then someone would add DG and or RAC to the configuration and presto! all kinds of problems would arise because they had written scripts and such that assumed a rather simple archive format.

This may or may not be the reason behind this change, I suppose even the RAC folks may have added in there ideas as well. There is a huge push in Oracle land to have the "defaults" be more intelligent, as in; a default value is more likely to be a good value in more cases rather then not. Of course picking the right default is still quite a challenge.

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[] On Behalf Of Mladen Gogala Sent: Sunday, May 07, 2006 4:20 AM
To: oracle-l
Subject: Log_archive_format in 10.2

Oracle doesn't allow me to change log_archive_format to something sensible:

SQL> startup
ORA-19905: log_archive_format must contain %s, %t and %r SQL>
$ oerr ora 19905
19905, 00000, "log_archive_format must contain %%s, %%t and %%r" // *Cause: log_archive_format is missing a mandatory format element.
// Starting with Oracle 10i, archived log file names must
contain each
// of the elements %s(sequence), %t(thread), and %r(resetlogs
id) to
// ensure that all archived log file names are unique.
// *Action: Add the missing format elements to log_archive_format. $

I have a small database, used mainly for learning and trying things out. I have neither RAC database nor DataGuard configuration. Why do I have to have ugly names like this:

$ ls /data/orabck/arch
arch1_34_586480813.arch arch1_35_586480813.arch $

I'm not interested in the thread information, as I have only one (no RAC).
I'm also not interested in "resetlogs reincarnation" as I am not running data guard. Now, what is the purpose of having different possibilities, if
we cannot chose among them? Of course, reference manual doesn't say anything
about those format elements being mandatory, that is probably to trick the
enemy? I must say that I'm less and less thrilled by Oracle's outsourcing
to Elbonia. Software looks as if it was written by bearded little men living
in waist deep mud and wearing funny hats. If anyone from the Oracle Corp. is
reading this, please send my regards to the PHB who came up with such a bright
ide. It's little things like that that annoy me to no end.

Mladen Gogala


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