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Re: starting the database

From: Nirmalya Das <>
Date: Mon, 1 May 2006 08:50:27 -0700
Message-ID: <>

The only problem of checking just the "pmon" is that the database can be on "mount" or "nomount" state and "ps -ef | grep pmon" will still return the desired result and will give the impression that it is "up".


Quoting stephen booth <>:

> On 01/05/06, Fred Smith <> wrote:
>> I'm looking to make a cronjob that will every 5 minutes check if the
>> database is up, and if not, start it. Does anyone have a script that does
>> this available?
>> Thanks.
> I normally check for pmon using pf -ef with the output piped through
> grep, check the exit state of grep, using an if statement, to check if
> the process was found.
> You'll need to read the man page for grep on your OS as the meaning of
> exit status varies from version to version. For some an exit state
> of 0 means "One or more matches found" (non-zero meaning "No matches
> found or an error occured"), for others the exit state is the number
> of matches found (so zero would be no matches).
> I have a script that does this but don't have access to it today (I'm
> not in the office, today is a national holiday). The script I have
> sends an email notifying us that the database is down rather than
> trying to restart it. If the database is down then I want to know
> why, it might be down for legitmate reasons (cold backup, maintence
> work &c) or there might be a problem and trying to restart the
> database might cause things to get worse. I'd rather spend 5 minutes
> checking there's no underlying problem than 3 days fixing what was a
> small problem but became a lot worse.
> Stephen
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> It's better to ask a silly question than to make a silly assumption.
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