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RE: Grid Control - opinions please

From: Bob Murching <>
Date: Thu, 6 Apr 2006 11:04:13 -0400
Message-Id: <>

What Grid Control facilitates is enterprise monitoring and reporting, the broader question is, how important is that to you? In this future SOA world that everyone is blindly rushing into, servers and databases are mere components of an overarching application service that requires a somewhat different kind of monitoring or reporting. Or so the argument goes. GC is positioning itself to be the platform for providing that service-oriented monitoring, reporting and [potentially] administration.  

Particularly with R2 and the various BigIP/MSSQL/Cisco/NetApp monitoring capabilities that are coming to light, Grid Control is trying to become less of a DBA tool and more of an enterprise service management console of sorts. Unfortunately, all that does is leave DBAs high and dry, while evolving OEM into the sort of thing that Gartner praises but in reality adds little value for many shops. Such is the way of IT, though. Accept it for what it is and make the most use of what [little] it offers to DBAs... that's my advice.

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Comments below:

On 4/6/06, Jason Heinrich <> wrote:

That said, things aren't all sunshine and roses. Running in a browser does limit you to only working on one target at a time, though you could open multiple browser tabs to get around this. Certain targets have a bad habit of going into "Status pending" or "Metric collection error" status for no apparent reason; and I'm having the same issue as Jeffrey Beckstrom, where GC won't send me notification emails, even though everything appears to be setup properly. Finally, I haven't found a way to display a list of sessions on a database without using the Diagnostics Pack.

I can't help myself here, as there are now multiple complaints about the notifications.

The Perl/shell/SQLPlus/PLSQL daemons and/or scripts run from cron have for several years been monitoring databases that I am in responsible for.
(Mostly Perl)

Among the things monitored:

No doubt many DBA's have reliable home grown scripts and processes for monitoring and managing databases.

A GUI is no substitute for knowing how the database works.

The scripting approach has an advantage that OEM/GC or any other tool has: you are not dependent on a vendo (Oracle or anyone else) to fix or support their tool so you can do your job.

You can create tools to do exactly what you need. If your needs change you can modify them. When they break, you can fix them.

If you made it this far, thanks for reading all this.

And perhaps you can understand the apprehension felt by many when attempting to use some of the 'time saving' tools, and the reluctance to give up tried and true methods.

Jared Still
Certifiable Oracle DBA and Part Time Perl Evangelist 

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