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RE: two databases in a server

From: Sanjay Mishra <>
Date: Fri, 31 Mar 2006 16:47:30 -0800 (PST)
Message-ID: <>


  I had recently installed 5 node cluster based on some third party suggestion. I had moved one of the resource intensive application to the 5 node RAC environment. I had configure the setup to get maximum advantage of RAC and it is indeed working but resources are still not completely utilized. I am now planning to consolidate few other production to the RAC and this database thread is really maing some good point.    

  Currently I have three more production database which are using Veritas Cluste with DB edition and so of 6 server, only 3 are active and if I will moved them to 5 Node RAC, I will be able to get rid of Oracle as well as Veritas License and also will able to completely utilized the RAC environment.    

  Now question comes is that currently I have two instance running on each of 5-Node as I am using one Db and other ASM instance. All node have Oracle Home locally and not on Shared Storage. All Production Database are Oracle 10g but should I go and create sperate instance for moving 3 non-RAC db or I should go for one more instance having THree Schema for each of 3 non-RAC DB's.    

  I can understand from the previous thread that   --> Seperate instance can allow to take one instance down for any maintenance with out affecting the other application   --> Seperate instance need more DBA attention for proper maintenance, backup and monitoring    

  But I want to clear is that if there is any disadvantage of running multiple Instance with RAC beside CPU/memory    


Kevin Closson <> wrote:


>>>Have you ever tried setting up an outage to run opatch on 50 servers?
>>>Have you ever personally had to do it 50 times?
>>>I'd rather watch paint dry.

I think more likely and more painfull is the idea of trying back out of 50 Opatch attempts that you wish you hadn't done !


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