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Re: Query with buffer (sorts) taking age to complete.

From: The Human Fly <>
Date: Sat, 25 Mar 2006 16:14:04 +0300
Message-ID: <>

Thanks list for your interest in solving the issue.

However, I have resolved the issues. I took trace event 10053 with level 1 on AIX as well HP-SUPERDOM and quick to spot that the parameter 'query_rewirte_enabled' was set to FALS on HPSUPERDOM. I changed it to TRUE and the sql runs like as its was.

Thanks once again to all.

On 3/25/06, John Clarke <> wrote:
> More specific to LiShan's reply, do you have system statistics in place, and by chance do they reflect values captured while on the old server? I've seen issues like these.
> Othet things that would come to mind are any direct or asynch IO parameters that may no longer be appropriate. But I doubt it's this or any other massive host or SAN issue in light of the fact that execution plans have changed.
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> From: "The Human Fly" <>
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> Sent: 3/25/06 2:55 AM
> Subject: Query with buffer (sorts) taking age to complete.
> Hello list,
> We have recently moved our datawarehouse oracle database 9i Rel.2 from
> AIX to HP-SUPERDOM, using export and import utility.
> Well, I have used the same init file for both database, i.e. they are identical.
> Today, while running a batch we are facing very wired problem. The job
> which runs in 25 mins. now it is finished for 1.5 days. The execution
> plan is diffeent, the problem execution plan shows buffer (sorts) and
> MERGE JOIN (CARTESIAN) taking too much time.
> Following is the query and its execution plan, can anyone shed some
> lime light on the issue :
> SELECT max(as_of_date), max(cust_code), nvl(abs(sum(run_offs_sar)), 0),
> nvl(abs(sum(inst_amt_sar)), 0), nvl(abs(sum(bal_sar)), 0)
> FROM ofdm_ods.a_account a
> WHERE acct_no = '00100100120'
> AND as_of_date = (SELECT max(as_of_date)
> FROM ofdm_ods.a_account b
> WHERE b.acct_no = a.acct_no
> AND b.run_offs_sar <> 0)
> Execution Plan

Best Regards,
Syed Jaffar Hussain
8i,9i & 10g, OCP DBA
Banque Saudi Fransi,
Saudi Arabia
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