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RE: RMAN Maintenance Issue

From: Reidy, Ron <>
Date: Fri, 24 Mar 2006 13:27:57 -0700
Message-ID: <>

Is this the problem?
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From: [] On Behalf Of Jim Silverman Sent: Friday, March 24, 2006 12:17 PM
To: oracle-l
Subject: RMAN Maintenance Issue


We're trying to bring our rman catalogs up to date. In a couple of instances, maintenance operations such as "delete obsolete" and "crosscheck" are failing. As usual, however, the rman error messages are somewhat less than informative, so I was wondering if anybody on the list might be able to provide some insight.

Following is a snippet of the session log:

                RMAN> connect catalog username_at_rcat

                recovery catalog database Password:

                connected to recovery catalog database

                RMAN> connect target rcat

                target database Password:

                connected to target database: TARGET (DBID=2086885901)

                RMAN> allocate channel for maintenance device type sbt;

                allocated channel: ORA_MAINT_SBT_TAPE_1

                channel ORA_MAINT_SBT_TAPE_1: sid=22 devtype=SBT_TAPE

                channel ORA_MAINT_SBT_TAPE_1: NMO v4.1.0.0

                RMAN> crosscheck backup;

                backup piece handle=/level0_TARGET_16198_1.dat/ recid=16051 stamp=568678370

                crosschecked backup piece: found to be 'EXPIRED'


                backup piece handle=/level0_TARGET_16199_1.dat/ recid=16052 stamp=568678406

                NetWorker: Cannot bind socket to connection port in configured port range on system host.

                NetWorker: Cannot bind socket to connection port in configured port range on system host.

This same operation works without problems from almost all of our servers. Our network administrators, Legato specialists, etc., don't see any problems vis--vis the NetWorker configuration (e.g., permissions, etc.).

Any ideas? TIA.

Jim Silverman

Senior Systems Database Administrator

Solucient, LLC

Telephone: 734-669-7641

FAX: 734-930-7611 E-Mail:

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