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Re: Books on Java Development using Oracle JDBC Connections

From: <>
Date: Fri, 24 Mar 2006 20:09:37 +0000
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There is no reason to buy a jdbc book. The oracle documentation and the stuff on the web covers everything. JDBC books don't give you anything you can't get for free. The oracle install(both client and server) comes with a sample jdbc class that you can play with to learn how to use the jdbc. There is not alot to it as long as you know some java...

The oracle jdbc doc is good. Also use the one on There are two very good jdbc forums one at and one at

J2EE actually is a pretty wide open standard and means alot of different different things(Java server faces, ejbs, and/or spring framework plus hybernate). Don't mess with that yet. It is seperate from jdbc. No one uses all of it. Some of it(like ejbs) are horrible. Some of it like Spring and Hybernate were not even created by sun since java is open source.

Tomcat is just a webserver. This is for serving html screens using java code(servlets and jsps). This again is seperate from jdbc. All this stuff does is allow you to make your screens more dynamic, so you wrap the html inside java. For example you can code a loop if you don't know how many rows you need to return to build a table. It's got some other stuff too, but it's seperate from jdbc. The webserver are all pretty much the same. I have found the tomcat docs to be pretty weak. It's open source so people go in and comment out and change parameters with new releases and don't document it well. The book I used to learn from is 'java for the world wide web with servlets, jsps, and ejbs'. It's 3 years old. Some of the parameters in the conf files have changed so its not totally accurate. You will have to make a few parameter changes to get tomcat to work. However, it's a great beginner book.


I think you have a good idea. However, I think that you may not want to limit yourself to Oracle or JDBC. You should understand things from the perspective of your Java developers. Are they using J2EE? Then learn the way Java communicates with the database and maybe even write a Java program yourself. Understand the strengths and limitations of how Java works with the database.

Dennis Williams  

On 3/23/06, Arnold, Sandra <> wrote: I need to find any good books on Java Development using Oracle JDBC connections. I am finding that I need to know more about this than I do since our main focus here is web applications development using Tomcat. Can anyone recommend any?


Sandra Arnold
Senior DBA
NCI Information Systems
US Dept of Energy, OSTI
Oak Ridge, TN 37830
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