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RE: 10g ADDM: Threat to DBAs?

From: John Kanagaraj <>
Date: Mon, 6 Mar 2006 15:26:50 -0800
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I agree with Govindan on this. There are just too many things that a DBA has to do which an automated system such as ADDM cannot do as well. But if you look at the features that Oracle (and other vendors as well) have introduced over a period of time (and not just in 10g) helps you as a DBA achieve some level of efficiency. For example, the simple AUTOEXTEND in 8i (?) helped you to sleep better and grow a datafile automagically, and resumable transactions in 9i helped you by suspending a runaway job that even exceeded the extra automatic growth. 10g extended that even further and provided a Segment Advisor for object growth trending. But these did NOT replace a DBA!

What these new features and cool stuff did do however, was to provide a higher level of operating efficiency so you can pander to damagement's "do more with less" mantra (as in "manage more databases with less DBAs"). This was happening anyway, so these new features come in handy *BUT* ONLY when (a) you understand the business and its needs and (b) understand and implement these features for the _right_ reasons and in the _right_ manner. And that takes some experience, something that cannot be expected from a "SQL-Server DBA who was used to <LeftClick><RightCLick><OK> turned Oracle Expert".

Certainly today's DBA needs to read a lot more and understand a lot more technology than even a decade ago. And the range is so vast so no one can claim to be an expert in everything (JL, Steve and other Gurus excepted!)

On the flip side, in my previous job we went from 45 Databases to 70-odd within three years with no increase in DBA staff, and in another one, we went from 30 databases to 120 databases in three years with a 70% reduction in staff. This could only be done with a cohesive, consistent and deliberate move to automate as much as possible, using new features as much as possible, reading/understanding/testing and applying knowledge that was learnt daily. (Have a look at Chapters 10 through 13 in the book noted below if you want to understand and extend what 10g does in this area!)

My 2c!
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ADDM is no substitute from experience and intelligence. It can augument your thought process though.


On Sat, 4 Mar 2006 18:04:45 -0500, "Ram K" <> said:

Hello gurus,

I searched on this list for ADDM. I did not find the answer on this topic.

Are ADDM and its successors going to put DBAs out of jobs? or reduce the number of DBAs required? I read about it online in one site that the dependency on DBAs for tuning might end soon.



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