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Re: diagnostics pack - 10g licensing

From: Kevin Lidh <>
Date: Wed, 1 Mar 2006 13:53:00 -0700
Message-ID: <>

Just as an aside, and not to ding Oracle, Oracle had my coworker use ADDM/ Workloader Repository while their problem was occuring (the issue I brought up with library cache misses = 100). ADDM tells us:

FINDING 1: 58% impact (1024448 seconds)

Contention for latches related to the shared pool was consuming significant database time.


      Waits for "latch: library cache" amounted to 52% of database time.
      Waits for "library cache pin" amounted to 3% of database time.

      SYMPTOM: Wait class "Concurrency" was consuming significant database
               time. (81% impact [1435713 seconds])

Where's my script?

On 3/1/06, Reidy, Ron <> wrote:
> Amen!
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> *Sent:* Wednesday, March 01, 2006 1:35 PM
> *To:*; MATT.ADAMS_at_GE.COM;
> *Subject:* RE: diagnostics pack - 10g licensing
> I just found the following in the 10.2 documentation on licensing for the
> Diagnostics Pack (
> ):
> Oracle Diagnostic Pack
> The Oracle Diagnostic Pack provides automatic performance diagnostic and
> advanced system monitoring functionality. The Diagnostic Pack includes the
> following features:
> <blah, blah, blah>
> In order to use the features listed above, you must purchase licenses for
> the Diagnostic Pack. The Diagnostics Pack functionality can be accessed by
> Enterprise Manager links *as well as through the database server
> command-line APIs. The use of either interface requires a Diagnostic Pack
> license*.
> Command-Line APIs
> Diagnostics Pack features can also be accessed by way of database server
> APIs and command-line interfaces:
> -
> The DBMS_WORKLOAD_REPOSITORY package is part of this pack.
> -
> The DBMS_ADVISOR package is part of this pack if you specify ADDM as
> the value of the advisor_name parameter, or if you specify for the
> value of the task_name parameter any value starting with the ADDMprefix.
> -
> The V$ACTIVE_SESSION_HISTORY dynamic performance view is part of
> this pack.
> -
> All data dictionary views beginning with the prefix DBA_HIST_ are
> part of this pack, along with their underlying tables.
> -
> All data dictionary views with the prefix DBA_ADVISOR_ are part of
> this pack if queries to these views return rows with the value ADDMin the
> ADVISOR_NAME column or a value of ADDM* in the TASK_NAME column or
> the corresponding TASK_ID.
> -
> The following reports found in the /rdbms/admin/ directory of the
> Oracle home directory are part of this pack: awrrpt.sql, awrrpti.sql,
> addmrtp.sql, addmrpti.sql, awrrpt.sql, awrrpti.sql, addmrpt.sql,
> addmrpti.sql, ashrpt.sql, ashrpti.sql, awrddrpt.sql, awrddrpi.sql,
> awrsqrpi.sql, awrsqrpt.sql.
> Am I the only one that thinks this is ridiculous? Why does Oracle include
> all this functionality and then tell you that you can't use it unless you
> have a separate license? I guess it's just a sleezy sales tactic, just like
> a car salesman letting you test drive a car that he knows costs more than
> you said you want to spend, but how can they expect us to know which views,
> scripts, procedures, etc. are off-limits? It's one thing to be using OEM
> and know that you can't click on anything in the Diagnostics Pack menu, but
> knowing all the different objects in the database that you can't use and
> keeping up with them all from version to version and release to release is
> impossible. Can I get an amen brothers & sisters?!?
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> Sent: Wednesday, March 01, 2006 1:18 PM
> Subject: RE: diagnostics pack
> I understand that the Diagnostic Pack is a separately licensed product.
> It should be available on OTN.
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