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Re: SSL support for EM 10GR2 Grid Control

From: Jurijs Velikanovs <>
Date: Mon, 27 Feb 2006 03:28:48 +0000
Message-ID: <>

Hi Sunil,

To my understanding EM 10GR2 Grid Control using nothing but AS as a HTTP engine.
You need to follow the note 341904.1 to get SSL up and running. Only small problem here is the AS 10G R2 bug. Take a look on the Note:308027.1. Bur number is 4226254. I wasn't able to find detail information, as it is seems to be not published Oracle bug.

If an Oracle Support analyst told you that Grid Control doesn't work with other certificate then provided by OCM, then it means that AS 10G R2 doesn't work with other certificates then OCM as well. I don't think that Oracle will live with that ;) They definitely will provide the solution to fix AS 10G R2 and it will apply on Oracle Grid Control as well.

I would suggest you, if you really would like to get GC SSL enables (with signed certificate by 3-d party), to go back to Oracle Support and ask to assist you with AS 10GR2 SSL enabling.

PS I can be wrong, but this is like I see the issue. Please let us know how it will go for you.


On 2/25/06, Sunil Kanderi <> wrote:
> We are running EM 10GR2 Grid Control on a Linux box and in trying to
> use SSL, we realized that the default Oracle Cert does not work with
> Firefox. So we decided to buy a new cert from Thawte and try to use it
> instead of the default Oracle certificate. To our surprise we couldn't
> get it to work and opened a TAR with Oracle. The response from Oracle
> is that EM 10gR2 GridControl does not handle third-party certificates.
> So if you have to use 10gR2 Grid Control(even the stand alone DB
> console) in SSL mode, your cannot use Firefox. We are using IE and it
> works but it is very surprising that the product does not support a
> third-party certificate and your only option is to use the default
> certificate that comes with it.
> Please let me know if any of you have gotten EM 10GR2 Grid Control to
> work with a third party certificate.
> Thanks,
> Sunil.
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Received on Sun Feb 26 2006 - 21:28:48 CST

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